What Defines A Successful Business?

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People's wisdom says that to be successful, intelligent people learn from other losers' mistakes. It is also important to follow the same rules in businessThe most important part of a successful business is your enthusiasm and your ability to translate the idea into a business language that will be attractive to your potential investors. A great team of active employees also add their contribution to business success.

All the business world, no matter of what the kind, is very competitive, and with just the slightest corrections and look - you are already superior to your competitor. Most companies either develop new products or improve their customer service -  to succeed in business both one and the other is extremely important.

It is not easy to determine precisely which factors define small business' success, but in this article, I will present the most important small business elements in my opinion. Of course, I talk about small business because about big corporations I understand just a little. A small business is closer to me. 

Success is running a profitable firm that conducts business with honesty and integrity, makes meaningful contributions to the communities it serves and nurtures high-quality, balanced lives for all employees. As business owners, we must think outside of our own doors. We must think about the potential impacts that we have on those around us, as well as future generations. - Hope Wilson

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What Really Is The Basis For A Successful Business?

A Great Team Of The Employees

In every business, every solution is important, and in particular the creation of the right team. Poorly selected people can destroy even the best idea.

It all starts with the composition of your company. Maybe you need to poke and direct your attention to your employees? By focusing on them and improving their working conditions so that they feel happy, your business will grow significantly overnight. 

It must be realized that happy and efficient employees are the guarantor of business success. After all, business revolves around how business owners protect and care for their employees who protect customers, and the latter ones are business's success guarantee. As a result, business protects the business owner.

There are many ways to help your business grow, but only by changing your attitude towards employees and evaluating them will give them an incentive to help you in business development. Remember, employees' attitudes depend on the business owner's approach to them: how the business owners will behave, so will their employees behave too.

Treat your companions properly, and they will certainly take care of the well-being of your customers.

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There are a few ways to focus on your employees:

- Show Employees That You Value Them - 

Most companies seem to do the opposite.  They behave with their employees in such a way as if they owe them. Communicate with them as if they were easy to replace and make them hate their work in the company.  If you talk with them respectfully and even sympathize with them, they will feel better when working for you.

The success of the business depends on the attitude of employees towards the customer. Show your employees that you care about them. Organize the lunch, invite them to trips or parties. Sometimes give them a rest for their needs - they will appreciate working for someone who cares for them.

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- Motivate Your Employees - 

Most businesses overlook the benefits of promoting activity. Much is going upside down. Stimulating the activity motivates the employee, and then he reaches more for that incentive. Companies can create small weekly or monthly incentives. If the employee has reached the goal, offer a cash bonus or lunch to choose from.

The proposal to give some days rest if the employee reaches the monthly target will motivate the employee to work more efficiently and harder. The incentives for employees indicates that you value them for what they do.

I know what it means to feel motivated in your so loved and protected work. If the executives I met during my career would have not respected, encouraged, valued me, I would be a weak and unreliable person now. And to be such, I believe, it is very unpleasant.

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- Disclose Your Goals To The Employees - 

Most business executives do not do this for some reason. They do not share their weekly, monthly, annual goals with their employees and this is a huge mistake. 

Disclosing your goals has the opposite effect. Employees will understand what is going on and in which direction they are moving forward. Knowing the company's goals and what they want to achieve, they will feel an important part of your business

After all, everyone wants to feel being a part of one or another business and, knowing its goals, will feel more comfortable and personally help you meet those goals. 


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- Employee Ideas - The Gold For The Company - 

Most business executives do not value their employees' ideas. They think they know everything they need to do business and that their thoughts are better - no matter what their employees would suggest.

Thinking this way, companies are losing some of the great ideas that could offer the employees creating real business for companies. Sometimes they have better thoughts because they get feedback from customers and actually see their reactions to certain situations. 

Adopting new employees' ideas is a great way to reinvigorate your business, as well as a way for your employees to become full-fledged business creators. Recognize the employee's idea and present him to the company as the author of a great idea. Seeing something used in the business that he offered, the employee will gain self-confidence and will perceive this fact as a win.


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- Share Business Success With Your Employees -

This is perhaps the main component. One person in the business world would not achieve anything. He will need to communicate with partners, customers or colleagues. The latter ones are an important guarantee of success. If you manage to get a good team, half of the work is done. However, you should not forget that people who have helped or are still helping to make a dream also want to enjoy success.

Money is a good thing, but this should not be the main goal, although, without them, there will be no achievement - employees must feel financial security. However, sharing your achievements with colleagues can be different - without humiliation, simply being a collaborator with a common goal.

It is also necessary to thank the customers, without whom the business would be just empty words. It is worth remembering social responsibility here.

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Interest In The Latest Information And Innovations

business entity must know what is happening around. Because in the modern world, economic, social, political circumstances can often change.

You must be aware of the financial and marketing conditions that affect your business. You must analyze and check the information and create action plans to carry out and improve your business.

Entrepreneurs are the people who need to know about it because the future development of their business is often dependent on these circumstances. Therefore, it is worth analyzing such data and on the basis of them to develop company activity plans.

The "explosion of information" that began in the 1990s was also manifested by the fact that there was a lot of unnecessary and misleading information. So don't overload yourself with the data - there are limits to the information you can interpret and use.

The more the business involves innovation and constant change, the more important it is to specialize and to gain the right experience and knowledge.

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Unique Product

Offering a unique and distinctive product or service to the market is important for business success. This product or service must be targeted to a particular segment of the consumers. 

It is very important to make sure that there is something new, unique, and at the same time necessary for the public in the marketplace.

One of the most important things is the ability to see the market when it has not been noticed by anyone else and, of course, after that, to satisfy the market. Occasionally, new demand is noticed unexpectedly, such as, when a prospective entrepreneur works in a huge company and suggests an idea to serve a particular segment of the consumer, and his managers reject it. Some markets are already well-known, but you can always offer a unique product or service.

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Capital For Business Development

The important thing is to have the capital for business development.

One of the biggest problems for small business is the ability to get sufficient financial resources for starting and developing a business at a reasonable price. Successful businessmen are somehow able to convince financial institutions (and even more often family members and acquaintances) to lend a certain amount of money to a company. They tend to distance themselves from gaining profit and invest more in business development. Small businesses often face shortages of working capital.

When starting any business, keep in mind that it will initially require a financial investment, but will only start generating profits after a while. You have to check what are usually the costs of variable and fixed business or similar. It is very important that you calculate exactly how long you will be able to cover your fixed business costs.

And after it starts to earn a profit - invest it in business development. It is also important that the entrepreneur at the start of business does not have to use the profit for his own needs, but has to invest that money in his business.


How to Raise Capital: Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki - Video credit: youtube.com

Reasons For Business Failure

The basic business principle is clear to everyone - the company must generate profits; otherwise, there will be no business, no employees, no income. Companies either earn too little money to carry profits or spend too much of them.

First of all, check if your business deals with a product or service that most people prefer. It is also important to determine if any value is created. Ideas and good relationships, unfortunately, do not create value. Even if you spend a lot of money to maintain a good relationship with your customers, their willingness to buy will not increase. 

To attract buyers, you need to create a higher value than the consumer pays for that thing. Finally, it is important to be visible in the market, to talk to the people you need. From the first day on, you need to think about profit. 

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The head of the company is the person who makes the decisions, how the project looks, who to hire and who to give a push, so he is the most responsible. People tend to avoid serious decisions by nature, so when you see that business is not driving or wanting to change a team, you can't be hesitant. The key is to bring together the right team. A good team can go to a goal even with a bad idea.

With a good manager and a bad team, it's hardly any success. The manager must tell the point where the business will go, and the team will choose the way.

On A Final Note

It is said that there are no bad ideas, and the success of the project usually depends on those who implement it. Maybe there are sometimes unfavorable circumstances. In other cases, the executors lack experience. However, neither one nor the other should be considered as a decisive factor for future prospects.

In fact, efficient work with employees, motivation, and close personal contact are one of the biggest competitive advantages of small business against big business. The people working in the company are a great source of information and ideas, even better - their productivity increases if you let them share their ideas.


If you want to flourish in business, not only ambition, desire, motivation, financial capital, and competitive spirit are enough. All in all, you need a technical and managerial knowledge bag, as well as experience in a particular market where you plan to create the business.

A successful entrepreneur is not just a full wallet. It is a positive and real-minded person with a good, pleasant job that ensures the well-being of himself and his family without disturbing sleep.

It is important that we understand that not a business is successful - only people can be successful.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. - Albert Schweitzer

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