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The teacher is a not only a person who just teacher indulge but the teacher is indeed on affective person who polisher more frequently capabilities and qualities of a student. On the other hand the teacher province an extra confident to the student to express .Their views without any hesitation, which is more essential requirement of the practical life.                                                                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                                                          The proper aim of a teacher is to revive in the students a spirit of being practical life and power of action in them. As the present youth the students are hunted by just seeing dreams and making desires. So, it is a teacher, who proper the students to face the challenges and requirements.


Teaching is a respectable profession, the first teacher of Adam was Almighty 'Allah' Himself was thought him the names of things. Teaching is a profession of Prophets. Adam was not only the first prophet of 'Allah' in this earth but also the first teacher. Teachers are spiritual parents. Parents bring up their children and teachers from their characters. A teacher plays a very important role in all the societies .Teachers are the builders of the nation .in reality they are the pillars of the student.


According to Plato a teacher is a doctor of the mind. He removes the ignorance from the minds of the students and teachers the knowledge. He makes the failure of a counting bright by teaching the young generating. He is a symbol of punctuality, diesoline and efficiency. He inculcates in his students the dynamic qualities of character. He posses the ability to transfer this knowledge to the students.