Nearly my shoot day !

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I am currently really excited as I am so close to my shoot day for my next non fiction. My shoot date is on the 25th of this month.

But before that I get to experience Comic Con on a fellow students shoot as a sound op (my favorite role). I am going in open minded to the event, which is this Saturday, I'm looking forward to being shown something that isn't what i'm used to but also coverage of an event is new to me so this could be really fun to shoot.

My next film is all ready to be shot but i need to be careful to not take a dog home with me (my idea is based around a dogs home). I will be updating on here as the film making process continues


wish me luck !

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I am a film student at Staffordshire university aspiring to be involved in the sound department of film making as well as writing my own scripts for films. I am currently on a insane ride at university discovering new roles and working habits as i am making films and crewing…

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