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One night it was cold at midnight and I was in the middle of the street in the deep darkness. My eyes were full of tears and my body trembled.

I was escaping, but my feet barely had the power to move. I reached a bridge and sat down beneath it so the world couldn’t see me and wouldn’t know about my tears and sorrow. I was hiding. Here, people couldn’t laugh at me.

Suddenly I heard a voice in darkness. I was amazed—who could have found me?

It was a cat coming in the darkness near to me, and the cat said, “Who are you and why do you hide yourself here and what are these broken glasses?”

I answered, “I am Afghan and don’t touch these glasses. These are the breaking hearts of Afghans. Go away, you don’t know my pain.”

The cat started to laugh at me and said, “This is my place. I have reason to live here. It is my place of sorrow. Why did you come here? I am sure you also have a reason.”

My tears began to fall as I started to speak. I said, “These are my words, not my voice, which comes through my heart, so listen carefully.”

“The candle of my dreams has died. My heart is full of orphans’ tears. My life passes in waiting, but my hopes are not fulfilled. Why is my land a land of war?

“Why are Afghan students at home? Why is my school destroyed? Why must we witness bombing? Why do the Taliban stop the cars in the street and kill their brothers? Why is there violence and corruption?

“Why can’t I overcome my nightmares? No one can cure my pain. Is there anyone to answer my ‘whys’?”

The cat said: “My friend, by sitting under the bridge and shouting you cannot change your life. It is you who must struggle. You can have an impact on your life and bring unity. Pick up your pen and work for unity and peace.”

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