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I've been a student, freshmen year of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and K37 Thai Nguyen University. On top of the admission worried mom. Because of high tuition fees, so I already know the feeling of hunger and cravings of student life as he would tell her. Despite that early independence, but I still feel worry-the next school year will be much more difficult. Happy parents, happy children to college, but at the same time is a concern for student life of two sisters impoverished children. Had a few days before that I still have not found a cheap motel, where rates so high that once knew, why parents afford it anyway, then why schedule so that more work is. Hear the train whistle every morning, every afternoon going through as I wanted to get back to a level she knew a fun run, but I have to remind myself have grown up, do not charge labor to parents, to life worthy of what parents hope in you. As a student, it would be also difficult, I know. As a student you will have to know how to take care of ourselves, to think and act, you know. As students will have to learn the hard stand ... I know. Although we believe the mother, but still fear a day will go the wrong way, I always ask whether they remind adult children. I want us to be independent, healthy living, strive and strive, to help people know themselves well though difficult, it is important to live so that deserves a good person in real life confidently. .. Mom, though with difficulty, then we too will pass, although poor, they're still alive and well. Mother do not worry, we will try to do the good son, the good people of the society. Do not expect much for your mother to mother no longer silver hair anymore! We'll do it mom, mom, do not worry okay!

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