Higher Education in Afghanistan

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In twenty century Afghanistan become one of modern country in Middle East. In 1946 the ministry of higher education stabilized in Kabul city, the Kabul University had merged several faculties, there was Science, medical, and literature faculties.

 People were trring to live urban and had hope that their children and youth get higher education without any charge. initial education was obligatory for every afghan children so government decide to improve economic of country for better future of Afghanistan.

Later the supremacy of  Amanullah khan government in 1922 paid much attention to education, for girls many secondary schools funded and adult education center for women and in for student to go abroad for higher education like Germany, turkey and France, Government distribute some scholarship.

 Curriculum and education unified become standardization in country and established the expert of community for checking the quality of teaching examination and certification.

Today in Afghanistan like developed country the procedure of learning or education has change. People try that their level of knowledge become high, before student used to graduated from 10 class but now graduate from 12 class and four years for higher education. Indoors united national standard there was huge plan for higher education like distance learning, Mastery or higher degree in different field but unfortunately still all the plan is not developed successfully because of economic problem, social problem and war

In all Afghanistan province especially in computer science faculty lab established and ministry of higher education has been computerized too, which support by Ziik and DAAD German organization.

A lot of student work with Computers and all faculties have PCs special Computer Science faculty. All students and other people with vary facilities use from Computers like development countries.

India distributed 500 scholarships for afghan student from any field and many other countries distribute some scholarship for afghan students. In this year 2013 the Kabul Universities Dorms renovated by UNSAID and telephone, electricity reintegrated in Kabul University.

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