My opinion of Art within Film.

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Hi All

If you didn't know already, I'm a student at STAFFORDSHIRE UNIVERSITY studying Media (Film) Production and since I got to the course I have persuaded to get into ART and I am being constantly reminded about how art is within film and how it can inspire me....

Now, this post is not a dig to my lecturers, they are brilliant and have taught me so much over the year and a half I've been there. But one thing I have never agreed on is their opinions on art and how it can "inspire" me.

I don't wanna pass of as arrogant, but I can't see it, I've never been able to see it. Art to me has always been a matter of opinion. I struggle to give most form of art a thumbs up, for instance, I went to the TATE ART GALLERY and I honestly walked into a room where there was some form of TV turning on and off and a bunch of lights flickering around it. Now whilst watching this I looked so baffled and confused, I looked on and then looked to my right, to find people watching this with serious faces, nodding their heads in agreement. 

Now, I'm sorry, this isn't art, I don't care how much you want me to"look into it" I will not pass that off as art, ever, it was pointless, and mind numbing, yet my mind was supposed to withdraw this information and get me thinking. No, never.

I saw huge paintings which took months to complete, now that I can accept that as art, but it won't influence me, ever. I'm sick of being called an artist, I'm not an artist, I'm a film maker, I write a story and portray it through video, its not art, I will never see myself as an artist, I'm a film maker, thats all.

I know there are many people which disagree with me, but I stick by my guns with this one. I don't believe in art, so when asked to relate myself with something I don't even agree on, its very difficult and can sometimes hold me back on the course sometimes.

This has really turned into a rant, but thought it would be great to get off my chest, thanks for reading guys, would love to see your opinions through comments. All appreciated.


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