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Almost every day a student asks himself what career should he adopt, in past it used to be quite easy because of very few fields to choose from but now due to vast amount of fields to choose from the person thinking about his career often asks himself in confusion why I don’t do this instead of this. Why shouldn’t I go in this field and questions after questions keep coming up to his mind until he finally becomes exhaust and lays down to cool down his mind.

Picking up a career is quite easy once you know about your interests and your strong points but for that a lot self study is required and grades can help a lot in picking a strong career, simply take it this way that if a student is sharp in mathematics he should study finance or any other related field because there is so much to choose from so that he may pickup that field in his career and show his strong points to others while on the other hand a student who understands physics better should study in the field of applied physics or simple physics so that he may get a job according to it. See it’s simple just ask yourself in which subject are you strong and choose your career according to it.

A person who is strong in one subject and wants to adopt a career in a subject in which he is weak he can do it by simply giving attention to basics of that particular subject once he makes himself strong in basics so that he may understand more complex matters so that he can do what he wants to because human brain is capable of so many things about which we don’t know until we explore them.

In order to get a successful and lasting career focus on these particular things:

  • Know yourself.
  • Write down your strengths and weakness.
  • Work harder than you were doing before.
  • Everything in life pays a valuable role so take it seriously.
  • Learn from experiences of others.
  • Be desperate to gain knowledge.
  • Be flawless in every aspect of life.
  • Give every subject importance.
  • Find your comfort in your discomfort.

Still if a person has confusion in choosing a career he should simply conduct some career counseling seminars to help him further in his field. Remember this in the end when you get a degree and you have a 3.5 G.P or 4.0 G.P the numbers don’t matter what really matters is how much knowledge you have regarding your field how much you know about the things you have studied. So pay attention to what you are studying because what really matters is having knowledge about your field. 

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