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Hi All

So I was asked kindly to help with the lighting on a film which is soon to be in development by Director Robert Page and today was the first test shoot and also my first time using so many lights, varying from 2 650's, 1 300, and three LED light panels.

Rob had made us aware that he wanted his film to have a spotlight  type of look to it, not so much creating a silhouette, but enough to make the figure dark with a bright outline, so it was really interesting to see what we could do with the lights to make sure we get the best image possible.

For the wide shot we simply raised two 650's high and pointed towards the ground, only highlighting the back of the shoulders of the figure, after a bit of movement and dimming, we got the perfect image. We decided to experiment a bit and placed the 300w low behind the figure, but whilst reviewing footage, a lot of lens flare was caused when the figure would move so we decided to dismiss that idea.

We then moved into the close ups, and this was when we brought in the LED lights also, and we really began to experiment with what we could do. We set up two LED panels in the same positions as the 650's but slightly more direct to the object, ensuring the face was highlighted. We then put a light near the camera to light up the face, so by now we had 5 lights on the go and the images proved worthwhile as it came out crisp and exactly how we wanted it!

This was the first test shoot and we plan for future shoots for moving images, rather than just static. The photos show the work we done today and will be posting more as the test shoots go on.

Elliott Johns 


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