Shoot days 1 & 2

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Hey guys 

     So on my university filmmaking course its shoot period again (YAYYY!!!) And this is probs the best time i think personally on the course where we all get together and help eachother make the best films we can and being in our final year this is more important than ever. This blog is based on shoot for Maisy.


Anyway! Shoot day 1!

I was on sound recording which is a role i highly enjoy as well as a unofficial AD. We were shooting in a tight space which was great for sound as we could get the mics right in there which was great for us to do our jobs well (by me i mean me and my boom op). I had a great relationship with the actress we had for this date and got on well with her which is a plus for me and making contacts for future projects! The unofficial AD work came into when i took on the role to help and suggest options for the director and help problem solve. 

Shoot day 2 

This shoot day was similar except we went outside in the lovely British weather of rain and wind which even with the stores dougal was a major issue and will proberly lead to a reshoot for sound. INT sound was great as was the rest of the day despite working through lunch eating at the end felt well earned 


(Still from shoot day 1 )

Thanks for reading i will be on more shoots and i will try to blog on those too as well as my progress in my next film Alice 


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