ExpoTees project - Update #1

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Update No.1

So as previously mentioned, my current project is to research, design and produce an ExpoTees advert for my university & vfx final module. The first hand-full of blog updates will bring you up to date with my current progress, as I am currently further on in the pipeline!

My Idea:-

As we can choose to design an advert for the ExpoTees convention, I have decided to do just that. My advert will be a montage of someone designing the ExpoTees logo, and rendering it out into reality. The person will be sitting on a bench in a park, drawing in a sketch book. The camera will switch between 1st and 3rd person, showing them sketching the logo. Once the subject has sketched the logo, they will then draw out a render bar & button. They will then place their finger on the render button, and the logo will then render out on the grass infront, being built from a series of cubes. The logo will be tracked to sit on the grass whilst rendering. Whilst the logo is rendering, the drawn-out render bar will fill up with drawn cubes, showing the process of the rendering. This will be spead up so the audience isn't bored. Once the logo has finished rendering, it will sit in the middle of the frame, thus advertising the ExpoTees event.

To pull off this idea, I will need to track, roto, model the logo (Texturing, Lighting, Rendering HDR Set-up also), add 2D text badges and finally; colour grade & correct the final film plate it so it's true to the lighting in the scene. 

This idea has been signed off by Paul (My tutor), so I will now begin the process of story-boarding the idea, and researching the places that would suit the idea, such as a park, a street, a garden etc.



- Josh Docherty - 3D Modeller & vfx artist

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