Large Hadron Collider a great wonder of the modern world

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Wonder basically a place, act or invention that makes people amaze about it, there have been lot of things to be wondered. Human in history have made a of numbers of wonders from places to inventions.

Looking in history we can see wonders that have made man aw, the wonders are Great Pyramids of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes, Light House of Alexandria and the Taj Mahal;

All have known to be the greatest wonders of Human kind. One can never deny that these are obviously the greatest things that Human have made in History, but one can also admit that these wonders haven’t served the Human’s development and quest for greater development and exploration.


Large Hadron Collider that started to be built in 1998 and was due to be build in 10 years with the cost of 10 billion US dollars, is a thing to be closely looked at. The structure that took 10 years of Human effort and attracted the most important brains of all Human kind is being considered the catalyst that will change the future of Human kind. The reason for it to be build has been the research of the famous Higgs Particles.

The structure has been built in about 27 Kilometers of tunnels that connects France Swiss borders 177 meters deep in earth surface. The structure was designed by the most famous scientists and the technology that has been used in the structure has never been seen before. Many of technologies that included development of sensors and physical particles that had never been built before. Containing large amount of gold in this structure and the energy this structure uses is truly been wonderful.

The energy it uses is 7 Tetra-Electronvolts (TeV) that is very high considering any energy supported structure currently present in this world. Many scientists had been in concern that, if this structure could give fruitful result after spending so much effort, minds and money into it.

There has been many purposes of this structure but the main reason for it has been the confirmation and testing of the Higgs Particle

Theory. The structure is basically used to collide to coming protons, after collision the atomic particles divide into small particles and in these particles there are Higgs Particles that scientist wanted to research. The produced its fruits in 2013 as CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) confirmed the discovery of particles from the data from structure.



This structure has been built with the aim to change the future of current world and to answer the questions hidden in universe. The structure is very large and looks like a giant pipes laid under earth but these are not pipes these are true wonders of Human kind. If the hopes that are tied to this structure become reality we can think of a great future for Humans.

The research could be used for exploration of universe, research against deadly diseases, new scientific ideas and unseen research. This is one of the first wonders that connect Human to the future, a true master stroke and a legend of Human kind.

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