Women’s Rights in Pakistan

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Women’s Rights in Pakistan



Women are the part of our society. They deserve equal rights like men. They should be treated in a fair manner.

Women’s rights are always a major issue in all the countries. The status which women deserve, our society is unable to give that status to the women.

Like other countries, women’s rights are also the major issue in Pakistan. People are not well aware of the rights of women. Islam has appointed the rights of women. Women are given the great importance and value in Islam. Despite of this, the women are deprived of these rights. Whenever she steps out of her house, the people begin to talk rubbish about her. They say that she should not work out like men do. She should live in a house. She should not support her family after or before marriage. Women is seems as a weak creature of Allah.

But that’s the truth that women are the best creature of Allah. Despite of having rights, Women are still deprived of their financial, educational, economical, political as well as fundamental rights. She is treated in an inhumane manner in the society. She is a victim of violence in all the level as well as sexual harassment in their profession. No doubt that she has been treated by the society with unfairness and injustice.

Education is the only tool that can make her empower not only in the society but also in the professional world. The government should take serious steps for the rights of women. She should be given the equal rights like men. She shan’t be misbehaved in public area. There should be severe punishment for those who try to sexually harass the women. He should be hanged to death for this cheap act. Equal employment opportunities should be given to the women so that the women are encouraged to apply for any job and can then support her family.

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