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13-Faculty of Agriculture :

In 1889 , the faculty of agriculture was established in its current location but it was called Giza palace .

In 1911 , it became a high school until 1935 , in that year it joined Cairo University as the first faculty of its kind in Egypt and the whole middle east and its first dean was Dr.Mahmoud Tawfeek El-Hefnawy .

The faculty of agriculture has eighteen departments and they are :

1-Genetics department .

2-Agronomy department .

3-Agricultural Plant department .

4-Agricultural Microbiology department .

5-Crops department .

6-Biochemistry department .

7-Food Industries department .

8-Animal and agricultural Alnimatolojia department .

9-Economic Entomology and Pesticides department .

10-Greens department .

11-Orchids department .

12-Groves of ornamental department .

13-Animal Production department .

14-Plant Diseases department .

15-Dairy Science department .

16-Agricultural Economics department .

17-Land department .

18-Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension department .

 14-Faculty of Arts :

In 1908 , a domestic university was established and was specialized in literary studies .

 In 1925 , by a decree from the government the faculty of arts was established and it had six department which are ( Arabic and Semitic languages and literature - Philosophy - Modern Languages - Ancient Studies - History and Geography - Archaeology ) .

And those departments continued to increase as for example History and Geography department separated and each of them became an independent department and now it has sixteen department and they are :

1-Arabic Language department .

2-English Language department .

3-French Language department .

4-German Language department .

5-Spanish Language department .

6-Italian Language department .

7-Japanese Language department .

8-Chinese Language department .

9-Oriental Languages department .

10- Latin and Greek Studies department .

11-Philosophy department .

12-History department .

13-Sociology department .

14-Psychology department .

15-Geography department .

16-Libraries, documents and information department .

15-Faculty of Law : 

In 1868 , the faculty of law was established as a school of administration and Alsun until they separated and then , the school of administration became faculty of law and joined Cairo University in 1925 .

The faculty has seven research and training centers and they are :

1-Crime Fighting Research Studies center .

2-Research and Legal Studies center .

3-Information and legal consultations center .

4-Human rights center .

5-Studies of Administration and Development center .

6-Consumer Protection center .

7-Committee for Printing and Publishing .

And it has three sections :

1-Arabic Section .

2-English Section .

3-French Section .


16-Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom :

In 1872 , Dar Al-Uloom school was established and it developed until it became a high school .

In 1946 , Dar Al-Uloom high school joined Cairo University and in that year it became faculty of Dar Al-Uloom .

In 1980 , the faculty moved to its current building location in Cairo University .

Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom  has 7 departments and they are :

1-Grammar and Presentations department .

2-Literary Studies Department 

3-Rhetoric and literary criticism and comparative literature department .

4-Linguistics and Semitic and Eastern Studies department .

5-Islamic law department .

6-Islamic Philosophy department .

7-Islamic History and Islamic Civilization department .

By this blog the series of Cairo University blogs has ended , hope you enjoy reading them .

written by : Mohamed Mostafa .

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