Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence development

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"Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence development" is my new C-Blog for the AI-inspired project "bitLanders C-Blogging." My previous works are "Is artificial intelligence consciousness in danger?" "Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not what they seem to be," and "[Artificial Intelligence] How to launch effective AI startups?"

In Europe, the moral side of artificial intelligence development has been thought over, so experts wrote the basics of ethics for AI. Will it get out of control? Will robots get a license to kill? When will we start moving on flying cars? Which professions will disappear forever? Why the most perfect program will never replace poets, composers, and artists?

Artificial intelligence is exactly what its creators lay in it. This is not a human thought which cannot be replaced. Artificial intelligence does not encroach on anything, because it has no desires.

There are people who believe that artificial intelligence is useful to be introduced into education. This is categorically harmful. There is a certain set of things that cannot be a service, like medicine, the birth of children, art, science, and so on. All these things also cannot be automated, given to artificial intelligence.

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