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Population Explosion


Population refers to the total human inhabitants of an area at a specific time. The study of population as a discipline is known as……

by Aliaaa

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Life in a Village

Arx Mugh

Life in a village Culturally, Pakistan’s rural folk enjoy a seemingly happy and contented life. Not that they tend to be……

by Arxal

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Mudasser Naveed

Islamabad From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia     This article is about the city of Islamabad. For other uses, see Islamabad……

by mudasser-naveed

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The Notebook


I am not a book critics and don’t know how to write about a book but I am a good reader and craved for books I have never thought……

by Zarwareen_khatak

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  IN many countries around the world more and more people live in cities. Cities share many characteristics. But are also different……

by bahmanbarekzai

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