Comparison of Human brain with computer system

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Today i m talk about the human brain qualities with the computer qualities. We know that man has come up with countless inventions, is more ingenious that the last.

The comparison of human and computer is very easy because computer is a invention of human that is very important for our society. But the more important thing is that the computer have many ability and more functions and efficient as compared to human.

The human brain is work as a 100 percent efficient machine and have the ability of every work done. The human brain have endless memory storage system that are not and at the last moment of death. But the computer have unlimited storage memory system .

The human brain work automatically as we needed but computer start and work by the human hands and brain and computer am not a sense of right or wrong. Computer have no emotions or feelings about the how are life or society it is only a machine that work on our command . Human body are made by Allah no one can make like this.

Brain is the most important and very efficient part of human body that control are the human body activities. If we talk about uses of computer ,in all the office work all data system like marketing, hospitals, advertising, newspapers and other industrial works are included.

If we see the comparison of brain and computer, we can live without computer but do not alive without brain because it is our life. Without brain how are body cannot work for a second. But if the computer are damaged we can make another computer and bring back to the life. If our brain are damaged we can not repair or make another.

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