Parts of Human body,Function and its organ

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Human body is a wonder full machine. It perform several function without reset. After birth our body continues to work  without stopping for a second. The organ of the human body are heart, kidney, liver and brain. These organs which work to gather and control  by the brain.

Each system carries out a major function.Digestive system and nervous system are all controlled by the brain ,the brain gives us signal to our physical and mantel abilities.Hermones and enzymes are produced and secreted by these glands. various types of cell perform different function.cells growing similar job are grouped to from tissues. the tissues group together in a special manner to from organs.

the human body is covered by the skin.Skin is a flexible covering which protects the body. it keeps water and harmful germs out. these are connected at the joints. such as in the legs. these joint help us to move .the backbone support the head and limbs and protects the spinal cord.

Between the skeleton and skin there are about muscles nerves spread from the brain to all parts of the body.They carry signal in the from of tiny electrical impulses. the sense organs namely eyes nose ear and skin pass the messages to the brain to the muscles.

The brain automatically controls the body keeps on growing .the peak of physical growth is reached at about 18 to 25 year of age when are grow old. the skin become wrinkled and less elastic.

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