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Dear  All, 

I would like to share with you this  article that was published Yesterday, in the local newspaper called 'LA NAZIONE,' from my home town, Prato , Italy.  ( Attached photos ) ~

Last June I published my second book called "Subway Fragments", this time I wrote it half in Italian and half in English to challenge myself even more.

I collected images and stories from friends and strangers in the NYC Subway.  

This city continues to amaze me with all its different  human beings and I had to write down my feelings and thoughts, not just for those who are lucky enough to live here ( such as myself),  but also for those who've never had the chance to visit this marvelous city, because the melting pot of cultures here is really overwhelming!

Each human being and his different sense of Freedom coming from different background is very intriguing, and never ending discovery. Inside the Subway; where someone just pass by, others needs to find a shelter,  or  try to exchange their ideas,  or express their  young talents.

I suggest everybody to take a closer look  at the Underground people, despite our rushed lives.

Try to observe a little bit more and try to understand also the other points of view.

For example: listen to a song of a young band (very often located at the Union square stop),  echoing from the walls of the subways,  watch the hidden people trying to survive deep down at the West 4th street stop, or  check the many forgotten ones sleeping  late at night in the slow cars traveling to Brooklyn,  or to Up town, compare , observe,  feel,continue....

There is always something to share, learn and understand to grow more.

Happy NYC Subway ride EVERYBODY !!!


(if you are curious my book can be bought on line @ ,

or  ordered  in all  Feltrinelli stores in Italy)  






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