God's Intelligent creature

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God create incalculable living being for this domain. One of them is we human beings. We are the most intellectual creation of god. We meet each other, make family, live together and care for each other, so we are social animals. We earn for our families, protect them from danger and provide them with food and shelter.

Biologically all human beings are same. But they divided themselves at the basis of colour, region, cast, religion and sect. They are killing, looting and terrorising each other on these basis. They put war on each other to get power and status.

On one hand they are expanding billions on rocket science and space projects while on other they suffering with huger and thrust. On one hand they call themselves most social intelligent and civilized creature on planet earth while on other they are hurting each other and other god creations. On one hand they cry and protest on death of a dog while on other they are quite and motionless on death of hundreds of human.

Humans are most intelligent god creation and they are ruling the earth. Every human have different school of thought so it is too difficult to understand the human psyche.

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