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The cruise ship in distress at an ocean, there is a couple that was so hard up to the front of the last lifeboats, but the boat is only one extra single seat. At this moment, the man let his wife to stay; only himself jump up to the lifeboats.

The woman wasstand ona shipabout to sink, shoutedto the man..............

Stop there, the teacher asked the students: "Try to guess what the woman would scream to the man?"

Indignantly all students said: "I hate you; I had chosen   the wrong man."

The teacher noticed that one student did not answer, he asked him why.

He told the teacher: "Dear Sir, I think the woman would say: Take good care of our children ,my dear!"

The teacher asked in surprise: "Have you heard this story already?"

The student shook his head: "No, sir, but my mother told my dad in that way before she passed away." 

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