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Shaheryar Afridi

Today is the Day of Ashura. The day that marks the death anniversary of Hussain ibn Ali, a 6th century revolutionary leader who was……

by shaheryar-afridi

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a story

ahasan habib habib

One day a blind was saying to a lame " lets do something". Being surprised, the lame replied that we r cripple & helpless .hearing……

by ahasan-habib-habib

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Hostel life

Ahsan Sheikh

A life of learning..Hostel life is the is the life period where a man learn alot by understanding different peoples of different nature.By……

by ahsan-sheikh-5041

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Earning Web site

Danish Dani

Dear If You Want To earn on Internet with online working jobs Please Note these few web sites and Earn money with their Rules. 1!……

by Danish0009

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