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Hussain Ali Badshah Sarkar(M.E)

This is the official website dedicated to the recognition of the persistent and selfless humanitarian services offered by Qalander-e-Douran Hazrat Sahabzada Haq Khatteb Hussain Ali Badshah Sarkar (M.E). Father of Haq Badshah Sarkar (M.E), Sufi-e-Basafa, Peer-e-Tariqat, Rahbar-e-Shariat, Mard-e-Qalander, Qibla Hazrat Subedar Musanjaf Ali Sarkar (R.E) spent his whole life for the services of civilization. Haq Khateen Hussain Ali Badshah Sarkar (M.E) is Wali-ul-Allah (friend of Allah) of this age. He belongs to “Silsalah-e-Qadria (Chain of Qadria) ” Ghuas-e-Pak Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani(R.A). Hazrat Peer Musanjaf Sarkar (R.A) was also a Wali-ul-Allah. He preached Islam. He taught to obey Allah and have faith in the teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) the last prophet of Allah (S.W.T). Almighty Allah Taila (S.W.T) has seldom created such prestigious personalities whom he has personally chosen for services to humanity. These two are the most influential icons of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries that are imprinting immense contribution to the welfare of humanity.

Hazrat Haq Khateeb Hussain Ali Badshah Sarkar (M.E) teaches to worship Allah (S.W.T), obey Allah’s orders given in the Quran and follow the Sunnah of Last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Allah has blessed him with spiritual powers. By the Grace of Allah he can ameliorate people. He is doing all this for the sake of Allah. He is a great spiritual doctor. He cures people with the blessing of Allah (S.W.T). He has cured millions of people from many diseases. Thousands of people get benefited from him daily. Haq Khateeb Hussain Ali Badshah Sarkar (M.E) is an exceedingly kind-hearted person. He never denies helping others even though he meets thousands of people daily. He never charged a single penny for consultation. He is helping poor and needy people just only for the virtue of Allah (S.W.T).  He has dedicated every moment of his life for helping humanity. His generosity is not limited to any religion, region and race. Therefore, people from other religions also get benefited from his benevolence.

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