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Since I'm the platform, from the Filmmanex time until now; there's many advances, changes and discussions about almost everything including design, the way to interact and even the payment.

A couple weeks ago I discovered a really nice feature in the platform, and behind this feature there's people working hard, I´m talking about the possibility of translation of the blogs to different languages.

In the past a few times I had the chance to be considered for translation for Filmannex China or sometimes to Urdu, but now for my surprise some of my blogs are translated to many languages in a really great feature that helps a lot to show the content to so much people.

When I saw this buttons in the top of the blog for first time, I didn't know what it was, so I made a click and I discovered the translations.

Sample of the buttons

I must say thanks to all the people that is working on that section, because I know that is a great challenge to translate and that takes a lot of time. Specially I would like to thanks to @Irene-NadeaTranslations and @Antonio-NadeaTranslations because they are working on this from a long time ago.

This is one of the blogs translated from english to Italian, Urdu, Arabian and Turkish.

Thanks again for read and share!!



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