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I am a 31 year old stay at home mother of 3 children but 2 are adopted out. I have been married over 12 years and slowly trying to get out of it. Long story to be told later. I get paid to do social media on #TSU also and I am new here so this will be a learning process for me also. Anything help. My favorite #colors are pink, pink camo and purple. I love #shopping and I am starting to use #hashtags here because I was told that they will help a lot. I am even still trying to figure out and learn the #redemption process here but I will figure it out soon. I have been thinking of going back to #rabadaba also another money making site. I will go back just to continue that place and see if it pays. Ever since #bubblews shut down and now #personapaper is too it is a little harder for me to make some cash now. How many words or characters are needed for a blog until the Publish button pops up? I feel like I been writing this forever. LOL. My best friend (bff) lives downstairs from me and yes is a guy. My original BFF is also a guy and now lives in Tennessee. Well, I am still stumped on how this blogging thing works. I am going to keep writing til I figure it out. 

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i am a stay at home mother and blogger.

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