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                                                          Education of Woman

Education is very necessary for men as well as women, because the women are the part of our society.

In developed countries women are also educated as well as man. For better understanding of this topic I want to give you some examples. We found women in different relations some time he is wife, some time he is daughter, some time he is sister & your mother.

When we found women in the form of mother then we want a well educated lady who bulits your character very well. Who make you able to make different b/w good and bad? Who care your health as well as wealth? He gives you good education and makes you a good citizen.

And when we found a lady in the form of sister then we want that our sister is good in his character he help us on many ocean and in difficult situation. And he lives happy with his life partner after his mirage. then education is necessary for him.

 And when we found women in the form of wife then we want a caring and loving one, it is possible when he is educated. When he is educated he helps you in many critical situations, and helps you in your business. And care the children very well and make then good citizen.

And when we found a lady in the form of daughter who loves you very much and we want that he live his whole life happy then it is very necessary that we give him education. When he is well educated then he helps his husband and other family member then they like him. And he lives happy and we also live happy.

In above four points all point link with the education of women some directly and some indirectly there are also lot of other aspects on the basis of them we highlight the education of women’s. ‘Inshallah’ I will discuss them very soon.

'you educate a man; you educate a man. you educate a women; you educate a generation

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