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afghanistan is a mountainuos country.that is located in the asia countainent. afghnistan hasl nat beautiful natural virscent deserts and high mountians.and also itis an agricaltur country which produces species of wheat,bean garm and e.t.c and how ever afghanistan is an anciant country which has an anciant historyn.afghanista befor was famous to ariana and after assolt skandar maghdoni in 330 its changed to abakhtery govenment and after anislam conguest changed to khorasan and finally when ahmad shah baba get the government its name changed to afghanistan so that time the afghanistan area was 7000000 km and that population was almost.26m so we can say in each km dust of afghanistan 41 person living afghanistan is a country which from four way besiged to dry.from north conected to tagikistan,torkamnistan and ozbakistan.from west to iran from east and south to pakistan.aghanistan has 34 provieneces which famous proviences ane kabul heyat,kandhar,and mazar the capital of afghanistan is kabul afghanistan achieved his,its independence in 1919 that president is hamed carzai so this country after 30 years that was war stacuation ....now this country is an extendation or progression country also afghanistan will resistance along all ofthe collapes,stuyuntion,distrust discord.and all defuclltyies.in the future

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Azada Nabizada was born in Herat Afghanistan. she is student in Hoza karbas high school.

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