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In our daily lives accidents are always bound to happen. Some have good effects on society while others you wish you could forget with a bottle of wine, but in hindsight it doesn't really help either way as it causes another good or bad accident along the way. Even throughout history accidents have been proven to be the balance beam of discovery.

Fire was discovered by caveman by accident when lightning struck down a log during a stormy night and fearing it at first the cavemen learned how to harness its usefulness and eventually lead to the technological evolution of man.

Even the first expeditions from Europe to America was also due to an accidental change in course when truthfully the Europeans were trying to make it to India discovering the hidden trade routes of the world also proving that the world was round and not some hack a stack turtle with some elephants or something carrying the world.

In Science inventors take rigorous time researching only for them to find new things and be famous for it accidentally, for example the discovery of electricity was on accident when Benjamin Franklin was struck by lightning while he was flying a kite on a stormy day (How come he didn't get crispy dead by that? usually those things could kill you, but not for Ben Franklin it isn't).

The discovery of the periodic elements of the earth by various scientists around the world some of which those elements are considered toxic and should not be touched by normal means ( Can hardly believe those guys could survive touching raw uranium by hands, lucky for the Flouride, Gold , Silver and Copper discoverers they got filthy rich from that).

And of course the Mona Lisa which is the most beautiful accident created by the Inventor/artist Leonardo Da Vinci.


Not much of accident to this thing more like an abomination gone wild with restoring.

Really!? Jesus as a monkey/ape like thing that artist better fix her marbles better. Still the whole world had a big impact of this thing "mono ecce" so I really couldn't say anything else at that moment.

So in today's society pretty much accidents have turned not into a good thing but mostly bad about 80% bad so to speak for example this clip:

Yup, accidents can be good or bad but it is how people portray it that leads to anything but anything.

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