Addicted to the Technology

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I spend the majority of my days in front of my laptop.  I can stay up for 2-3 days browsing the web.  Most of the time I am accomplishing a lot of small tasks that pay fairly well.  That is not why I spend my valuable time online though.  I feel like I need to do it.  It gives me a peaceful feeling.  This is my drug.  I stayed cooped up in my room 18 hours out of a day because I would rather be doing things on my laptop, than spending time with my family and friends.  Many people like to call me a nerd, but I wouldn't put me in that stereotype.  I do love my friends and family, but humans in general make me uneasy.  I have found a common ground, and a loyalty through technology.  I can't determine if this is bad or good.  But I will admit, I have come to need it. On days when I have other important things to do, aside from my online tasks, I am not as happy or "up" as I would be when I am in my digital world.  If I had to stereotype myself by my technological lifestyle, I would probably be a robot.  No bullshit.  Except, I'm a living, breathing, bleeding robot.  Ha Ha.   But no really, I love technology, and the internet. I am among the few who are grateful for it.  Also, the few who respect it and it's power.  That is all.  :D     

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