Afghan Women want peace

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As I have written about how to bring peace in Afghanistan, in my past blog. Today I want to show the role of Afghan women who have significant role for bring peace in Afghanistan and want peace, in the new blog by the title of Afghan women want peace.


The role of women in peace has a long and distinguished history in Islam and as well in Afghanistan. One of the first peace in Islamic history, and event known as the Hadibia Peace, took place by the advice of Ome-Salama, one of the wives of the Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him, which showed for all world the precious role of a Muslim woman in peace. In Afghanistan, I can indicate the role of Zarghona Ana, Malali, and more women who struggled against enemies for bringing peace and had considerable positions in Afghanistan history.

When we talk about peace what we are really talking about is humanity, and women are more than half of humanity. When we consider that peace is the wish of Almighty Allah, therefore, we must remember that women make up half of the Muslim community. So it is for every member of the community, not just men, to work for peace.

The effects war has had on the tightly knit family structures. Afghan women lose sons, fathers, husbands and brothers, but still their wishes and hopes for peace are stable. They joined governmental departments and other social- political structures to search ways of bringing peace in Afghanistan.

Please don’t make your mothers suffer anymore. Come to work for a peaceful Afghanistan and heal the wounds in the hearts of your mothers. We have a chance for peace now. We must come together as a people and stop this senseless fighting. We must choose peace. If you love Afghanistan, then peace is the answer.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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