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Afghan people have a rich and valuable culture. The Afghan culture turns to 5000 years ago. In Afghan 5000-year-old culture, there is not any thing except humanity and good acts.

A series of values of a country is called Culture. Hence, Afghan people own such values, such as hospitality, being kind with strangers, being helpful, and etc... are the values that introduces its culture.

    One of the most Afghan popular cultures is their hospitality that people know it across the world.

Another valuable culture of Afghan people are that they visit both their relatives and neighbors when they are in trouble. For example, if they are sick, they go to their house and visit him/her. Besides, if the patient has economical problem, they pay an amount of money as well as they take some fruits or other edible items to them.

    When Afghan people are happy they visit one another. Besides, Afghan people have two times Eid in a year; Eid-ul-Ramadan and Eid-ul-Qurban (Sacrifice Eid.) In Eid-ul-Qurban they sacrifice Hallal animals and distribute to the poor families. Besides, they go to their neighbors’ families and relatives to if they are all fine.

In such days, if they are angry with one another they peace as well as they give presents to their close friends.

    Afghan people believe in their culture and traditions. As well as they respect the traditions and cultures of other countries.

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