Afghanistan’s Mines - Untouched Treasury - Part two

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In the first part of this article explained about the Afghanistan’s mines, volumes, kinds, the total value and their impact on the people’s life welfare level. This is the second part that will speak about:

The volume of the stockpile of mines the newly discovered in the south of Afghanistan could change the country to a developed country, and will make the life’s standards up. Vahidullah Sharani the Mines and Industry minister of Afghanistan said that the mines value is more than what the NASA declared before, he added: the total value of mines is more than three trillion.

According to the government’s researches that are started from one century ago, there are a lot of mines, especially oil and gas which are located in five zones of Afghanistan. These are including, Amu Darya Zone which is located in Shabarghan and Sari Pul Provinces, the Tajik zone which is located in Ghondoz province, the Herat Zone which is located in Herat Province, the Paktika zone and the Helmand Zone.

 The mines will be put in bidding as soon as possible. The United nation organization and some other international organizations will be supervising the bidding duration to keep transparency.

Derivation of the mines besides professional capacities is very capital intensive that is out of the domestic investors’ strength. Therefore, the international investors’ attention attracting is so vital, that the government should take responsibility to obtain it, with incentive rules, appropriate security, good governance, and other necessary facilities.

The minerals’ derivation needs is time consuming and will take five to seven years for each one, so it needs a long time plan to lead perfectly the derivation process. Something that the experts and the masses concern about is employment in the minerals derivation process. Would it make new jobs to provide the unemployed labors with new job positions or only the foreign investors and the domestic dealers will exploit it? According to the experts and the masses, employment should be considered the first of all which the society could get advantage of the minerals, derivation and the investments. 

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