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Since the beginning of 2001,unprecedented economic growth is seen in Africa.The recent economic forum on African countries shows that six of the ten rapidly growing countries throughout 2011 were found in Africa.The overall external debt in Africa has decreased from 63 percent to 22.2 percent on the current year and the average inflation rate has decreased by seven percent.This positive trend has more or less signifies that the initial stage of economic growth towards the average countries of Africa has reflected positive and encouraging system of development. It is believed that the structural,geographic and demographic parameters such as improved trade conditions,rising export materials and uniformly increasing local consumption is the main factor to the strength and high level economic impact of the continent.However,the complicated challenges that African nations face is still not fully solved.Each country has a varied economic characteristics mainly depending  on the overall natural resources and the laws of exchange rate parameters.Due to this, prospects also vary with each country’s economic, political and social factors. Even though the level of average GDP growth in Africa has estimated to five-six percent in 2012,South Africa is expected to grow by only 3.6 percent while Coted’Ivore is expected to rise at a rate of 8.5 percent.This statistics implies that to tailor the national economic system effectively and efficiently, policymakers should search and identify the drivers-of and the obstacles.The right decision must be done and come into effect without any political or economic intervention.

Thousands of world’s greatest investors have been attracted by the overall continuous growth potential of Africa with respect to the crucial economic virtues that must be included in any country’s development goals.In the year between 2008-2011,the Sub-Sahran parts of Africa has got more than 4 percent of all the funds invested in countries which have low economic background.But,for the reason of political risk faced in some countries of Africa.



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