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The true victory is not victory over others. However, the victory over self. Raced in the path of self success is the game to beat the fear, reluctance, arrogance, and all loads are anchored themselves at the start. The toil to beat someone else altogether useless. Motivation should not be born out of jealousy, envy or revenge. True success gives true happiness, that can not be achieved through the stained intentions.

Runners who ran to beat the other runners, will be left behind as the pace of busy peeking his opponents. Runners who ran for recordnya solve itself does not matter whether the other runners will catch up with him or not. No matter where and who the opponents. He devotes full attention to his own account for the improvement.

he competes with himself, not against others. Therefore, he did not need to cheat. The desire to beat others is the beginning of self defeat.

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