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Today I will tell you about the types of air conditioning, what kinds of air conditioning and how it all works. The types and their details are as follows.

Including unitary type


This type of air conditioning are in Windows and window are also called air conditioning type. There are many kinds of air conditioning units and each unit is a separate and complete unit. In each unit, a compressor, filter, separate  separate pipe. Its  2 tonnes and usually three horsepower motor is used. This wall are special place and the rest of the room to the window a/c turned off. Its biggest advantage is that it is very suitable for-operation. There are many unit and each unit separate separate works. If a unit is corrupted, then the rest of the work of all units. I catch up on rest and also no disruption.

Central air conditioner type


This type of air conditioner to use you to make a place in the center of the building. Usually bottom is calculated into the boxes and from there via dckets cool and clean the air of the building's rooms is sent. In fact, from hot and then through Central rooms air conditioning by type dckets. Where was this contaminated air conditioning clean, sends the rooms. Its advantages and disadvantages. Let me tell you about some advantages after that will tell about the disadvantages. Through this system we have many rooms cool and clean air at the same time. His performance even more. These are some of the disadvantages of this plant have a lot to do now. Through this system, you may not be able to control the separate rooms as needed. This system is used in the dckets mine are higher recording quality uses space and much more.

Air conditioner type including unitary-Central


If there is warmth, air conditioning, only around 15% for fresh air and the process of repeatedly used 85% of air is used. This system central air conditioner type damage can be overcome. It has no other dckets are coming from other rooms or germs. In this way, the temperature in the room is controlled with the help of the existing controller. Dckets small size for this type of system are used. This system to protect it from sunlight. Central air conditioner with this system each unit cooler through the pipe in the country.

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