Learning to Like Housework: Change Your Attitude

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Do you hate housework? You are not alone. Every two in three people doesn't fancy doing the chores and tends to leave it on the back burner. Guess what? It doesn't have to be so unpleasant and tough? It is all a matter of attitude. Check this one out.

A complishment

There is a reason to clean and maintain your home. Not only because it will create a healthy environment for all the people that share your property, but for a bunch of other reasons. There is more to it than sparkling premises. It is about that sense of accomplishment you get when you complete your cleaning routine. How often do you see immediate change when working hard to achieve something? It does not happen very often, does it? Domestic chores are one of the few things that achieve results immediately. You can see it, you can feel it and you can even smell it in the air. The cleaner your home, the cleaner the air. Everything seems so organized and tidy, which also brings serenity and peace of mind.


Lots of people admit that when they keep their properties clean, they feel in control of their lives is saying a research done by FastHomeCleaning SW19. Have you ever been so busy that you couldn't sweep the floors, wash the dishes and fold the laundry before going to bed? How did you feel? You probably felt confused, lost and angry at yourself. You probably scolded yourself and you said words you never want to say again. Sometimes even if your life seems to be okay, you can get enraged by not being able to put your stuff in order due to lack of time or laziness.

By taming the mess you feel in control of the situation and therefore in control of your life. Many things may go wrong during the day, but if you are able to get your home tidy and shiny in the evening, you prove the world – and most importantly you prove yourself – that you are capable and skilled and no one will take this from you.

Calorie Burner

Instead of looking at housework as a monster that eats your free time, look on the bright side. When you do the chores, you perform physical activity. Transform it into calories and use housekeeping as a workout that will help you stay in shape. Not only can you lose some pounds, but your home will be spic-and-span.

Check out this calorie burners list:

Window cleaning can help you burn 180 calories (200 calories if done vigorously); the more windows there are, the more calories you will burn
Dusting can help you get rid of 170 calories; make it a habit to dust your surfaces every other day and that makes 1000 calories per week
Doing the ironing can help you burn up to 110 calories
Mopping and vacuuming can help burn 190 calories; mop the floor on a daily basis if you want to burn more calories; not only will your surfaces be shiny, you will feel better
Want more? How about cleaning your kitchen appliances? If they don't often come close to a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution, you will have to put a lot of effort into getting stubborn stains out. Spend a good hour scrubbing and you may be able to reduce your waist.

Money Saver

Do you prefer spending money for a professional cleaning contractor to doing the housework by yourself and using the money for something else? Yes, there are hundreds of cost-effective house cleaning offers out there, but why spend money on that when housekeeping is a job everyone can tackle? Why pay somebody to go over your surfaces with a dusting brush when it only takes a few minutes to do so yourself? Not to mention, no matter how good a maid, they may not clean your house the way you imagine they will.

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