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It was simply by chance that I came across Jeon Woochi, which prompted a movie marathon about all things Kang Dong Won (swoon). I may be susceptible to being biased for very obvious reasons but there's no denying most of the movies below are major box office hits.
Jeon Woo Chi, my favorite Korean movie of all time, is about a Taoist wizard wrongfully imprisoned in a painting and finally released in modern day Korea to help retrieve the magical flute. Sounds outlandish I know but it's this quirkiness wholesomely portrayed by Kang Dong Won that really makes the movie.
Another favorite of mine that's set in a completely different genre from Jeon Woo Chi. This movie is about a touching story between Song Ji Won, a North Korean spy and Lee Han Gyu, a NIS agent as they forge an unlikely friendship. Watch here.

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