All the world's a stage

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William Shakespeare was a famous English poet play writer and a stage actor. Sometimes he called English national poet. In his play ‘as you like’ he says ‘All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players’.

Sir William Shakespeare’s this quote is golden one. This quote is a fact about this world. In his quote he wants to say that this world is like a show. And all people either they are man or women, young or old all are performers of the show and they have to perform their role on this stage. This show continues and performers changed one by other. There is no end of this show.

In simple words we can say that all humans born in this word to perform their part of work in this world. But they have to find their purpose of life in this world. And they find it then they are victorious and if they not get it then they are the losers. And there is a day when they have to die. And after their end new ones take place of them. People changed but the world is same as it was in the beginning.    

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