All things take place for the best

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Certain things occur in our life which may leave us thinking that we are lost, hopeless and forsaken. However, if we look back after some time, we will realize that all happens for the best. 

Life is a mystery

life is full of surprises

life is to be enjoyed

and life is for working

it is not for lazing around

it is for caring and sharing

life is a dream

to be experienced and to move on

life is a game

where we play levels

if we behave angrily

we are destroyed very easily

if we smile and bear all

we will go on to the next level

so live life happily

be tolerant toward all

Spread the message of love

spread the message of love

buy a kid an ice cream cone

watch and help old people

and embrace your loved ones

spread the message of love

be happy once and for all














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