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Marketers, brands, advertisers, publishers, agencies and technology partners are all gathering in one place to have a discussion and an official visit. The agenda is about:

  • real-time bidding
  • video
  • the evolution of ad exchanges
  • private exchanges
  • marketplaces
  • connected TV
  • mobile and tablet devices
  • eCommerce
  • data visualization
  • data management
  • viewability
  • attribution
  • analytics and insights
  • user experience

This is an opportunity for Altitude Digital to demonstrate and represent its service through its video and real-time bidding platform, Visualtising since the company empowers online publishers and content creators by providing ways to monetize and optimize video inventories.

According to Wipro LTD, mentioned in an article on, the growth of digital channels is changing the way consumers use banking services, interaction between companies and their clients is conducted mainly by digital services. Because of this, banks are focusing on digital marketing campaigns that use social analytics in an attempt to target audiences. Analysis is driven by trends surrounding location, behaviors, and context.

It is said that “the role of the CMO is changing as banks adapt to the development of new channels and capabilities like the capability of data management, marketing processes, offer deliveries and usage of analytics. According to the study, about 13 percent of banks demonstrate a high level of maturity in digital marketing; the rest do not practice real-time, event-driven marketing or focus on personalization with their audiences. In addition, the survey discovered that social media is not yet considered part of marketing campaigns or “a key customer interaction channel.”

In response to the survey’s results, Wirpo and Efma recommended that banks should:

  • Consider how they expect customers to interact with the bank five years from now, and particularly how they envisage customers will buy financial products in the future;
  • Carefully assess the bank’s current digital marketing capabilities along the dimensions we have identified in this study to identify areas of weakness;
  • Develop a plan for investment in digital marketing capabilities which will ensure that the bank is in a position to get ahead of, or at least keep pace with, competitors and changing consumer behavior;
  • Monitor closely the developments in “Big Data” and where possible take the initial steps of testing some applications of the new technologies that are available.

So here is where Altitude Digital can play a crucial role as digital marketing is becoming an important part of a business’s success, it can ease the transition into digital campaigns and social media.

And finally according to list, Ostermiller from Video Ad Network is a Finalist for Entrepreneur Award. Ernst & Young LLP is a global leader in advisory, assurance, transactions, and tax services. Every year, it holds an Entrepreneur of the Year award to recognize high-growth entrepreneurs who demonstrate extraordinary success and excellence in their respective fields.





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