Amazingly shocking facts about kissing

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It doesn’t just take two people for a good kiss. Both of them have to be skillful with their lips and tongues, to be into each other and to be willing to explore each other.

While teenagers are stressing over their first kiss, while you read this thousands of people are kissing, while thousands are not even supposed to even think about it. In this article we won’t teach you how to kiss, but will present you some interesting facts about people’s favorite (well okay, second favorite) activity.

1Law forbids kissing

Unbelievably for one of the most democratic countries, there are states in the USA that are forbidding public kissing. For example, in Hartford, Connecticut, it’s illegal for women to kiss their husbands on Sunday.

Law forbids kissing

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2Ladies’ choice

Even though women are going crazy for men with beard it turned out that 53% of women prefer to kiss a clean shaven man.

Ladies’ choice

How long?

An average person spends about 336 hours out of their life kissing. That is 14 days of nonstop kissing. Wow.

How long?

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4World’s record in kissing

The world record for the longest kiss goes to Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat with a kiss that lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

World’s record in kissing

Kissing in the dark

Our brains have neurons which help us locate each other’s lips in the dark.

6Kissing is like drinking salt water

When you kiss someone for the first time, you get a spike in the neurotransmitter dopamine, making you crave more. That’s where the saying comes from – Kissing is like drinking salt water, the more you drink the thirstier you get.

Kissing is like drinking salt water


One kiss is enough to let us know if the person is our best match

According to biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, we tend to prefer people with particular biological profiles. Trading saliva is one way to figure out if someone is a good fit. This is a bit more developed in women who only after one kiss know if they would continue dating the guy or not.

One kiss is enough to let us know if the person is our best match

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8Most famous movie kiss

Today when cinematography allows more than just a few quick kisses, and we can see some hot make out sessions between the actors, people still choose the kiss between Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in the 1946 film Notorious as one of the sexiest kisses in cinematic history.

Most famous movie kiss

Kissing keeps people stay in love

While kissing oxytocin is released in our bodies. The oxytocin is involved in developing feelings of attachment. It’s thought to be what keeps the love in a relationship alive long after the initial honeymoon period (and dopamine spike) is over.

Kissing keeps people stay in love

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10Kissing is more important to women

Women tend to rate kissing as more important in relationships than men do. No wonder they won’t keep dating a bad kisser.

Kissing is more important to women

The importance of the taste

Kissing is like a taste test and a smell test. This isn’t at all about breath, but all can agree that terrible breath is a deal breaker. Researchers have discovered that there is a scent people pick up on when they are kissing, and it’s believed to be related to a person’s DNA. Women are most attracted to the scent of a man who has a genetic code most different from themselves.

The importance of the taste

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12Your Kissing Style Originates in the Womb

Hard to believe, but it is true. Couples in any Hollywood movie, couples that are kissing on a painting or sculpture and of course every day couples are leaning in to the right. A German researcher observed over 100 couples and noted that two-thirds of them tilted their heads to the right, too. Experts think this instinct originates from the womb when we naturally tilted our heads to the right.

Your Kissing Style Originates in the Womb

You can make a career of kissing

For those people who are a lot into kissing and actually want to make a career out of it, the study of kissing itself is called philematology. And someone who studies kissing is called an osculologist.

You can make a career of kissing


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