American Teacher submit to the world's best teacher award

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Dubai: Human role in building the career teacher in every field based on the value and the key is the teacher in every society, especially in developed societies as a figure is very high position so Choosing the best teacher in the United States was the world's best teacher in the American teacher was entitled to $ 10 million prize.

To encourage teachers Global Teacher Prize competition for the first time in Dubai, Global Education and Skills' in the forum by former US President Bill Clinton, which was the world's dignitaries attended, including the world of competition among 10 teachers from around the writing, reading and learning capabilities of testing which was the Afghans and included an Indian teacher.

Dubai than in the US state of Maine School of female teachers' Nancy Cook, Will, proved itself the best teacher, after which they were first elected to the position of US $ 10 million prize, the prize being Will the Nancy Associate Giving evidence to the real teacher in prize money up to the training school for teachers to devote announced.

At best award-winning teacher Nancy Will the school-based Teaching and Learning Center in Maine in 1990 was named the study and writing of the teachers are creative endeavors that he received the prize award has been complemented by the work of teachers and youth will help a lot but this amount was allocated for training school for teachers who are committed to sticking to that charity. Nancy said that the school will be established with each room a library from which every student will have the opportunity to read 40 books a day.

Expressing his views on the occasion of former US President Bill Clinton said he still remember the names of all teachers are teaching the importance of this award will remind the department.

The providers support this project financially Microsoft founder Bill Gates, British Prime Minister David Cameron, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammad bin Info included.

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