An Architecture of tailor bird

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                                                     2 years ago,I received a parcel from my friend .I imagined it was a camera or watch or any other item like that.



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She usually gives me such gifts.But this time I was astonished when I open parcel box.It was a nest.Nest of which bird I t know at the time.I took it to my mother.She said that it was a nest of tailor bird.


Tailor bird

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.She gifted me the nest of tailor bird with 2 eggs in it.Such a unique and well built nest I have never seen before.I thought that someone has taught it to build

How the nest looks like-

The 2 leaves were about 6  inches long shaped about a laurel leaves.Only edges had been sewn so that a pointed bag is formed.Inside the bag there was a neat nest of grass and moss and inside it there were small eggs.


Nest of tailor bird

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About Tailor bird-

Tailor bird is quite small bird with a long beak which acts like needle.When it finds 2 leaves hanging together,it sews them using fine cotton as thread.The curious thing about it that the tailor bird stitches the leaves together as that nobody seems to know where it finds cotton material.Some experts insist it weaves cotton itself.Others said that it has some source of supply that has never been discovered.

                                               As I say the stitches were rather large and inartistic but then how many people make success of sewing leaves using only beak as needle.

                                                  I have seen nests of many birds but tailor bird provides an excellent model of nest construction.



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Nature has gifted an art of nest building to birds.methods of construction,materials that are used and factors effecting their construction may vary...

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