Analysis report SWOT analysis B

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SWOT analysis


  • Net profit margin is less then 1 this is weakness of Kohinoor sugar mills ltd.
  • Debt to equity ratio is very high it is also weakness of company.
  • Current ratio is approximately 1 it must be more than 2.
  • Working capital is negative which a serious problem with company.
  • Current assets are very small part of total assets. This may be a negative point for company.
  • Current liabilities of company are high as compared to current assets.
  • Total liabilities have a huge portion as compared to total assets.
  • Total factory cost is approximately 100% except in 2009 which failure point of company.
  • The overall cost of goods sold is very high which result decrease in gross profit.
  • Gross profit is very low which cannot fulfill the operating expenses and other expenses so net loss is increasing in coming years.
  • Company is bearing net loss except in 2009 but its loss is decreasing and going to profit in future

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