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It had been a fitful day, unexpected delays that seemed to take me nowhere. Being of spiritual mind and the flexible type I reminded myself this meant, “I am out of alignment.”

This basic and powerful knowledge is wisdom. When things go awry it simply means that we are out of alignment with our source energy.

I felt that I was out of sync as if I was going against the tide, and energetically I was. How did I know this? I could feel my anchor was wavering. So I closed my eyes and asked my Angels to please realign me with the good.

A few moments later it happened, as I sat in the comfort of my car in the parking lot of the Asian Palace the sun began to shine. I smiled. It was a sign, it was my sign that things had improved. Smiling I headed toward my next scheduled destination, “We’ll see,” I thought to myself with a smirk knowing that being aligned often meant an abrupt change to reposition me in my cross roads of life.

And things went smooth and as I drove the weather cleared more and now was nice sunny day. It had been raining when I left home, but when I left Asia (as I call it) the sun was shining. And it still was shining as I drove along quiet and colorful tree lined streets.

I was hearing the wrestle of leaves through my open sunroof. Ahhh, I do love my sun roofs like having a window open without the wind or a convertible that is a T top instead of wide open. So perfect for these autumn days.

My eyes take in the sights of the leaves covering the ground and whirling through the air, as this is the final dance of autumn. Walking in the leaves is always fun in autumn especially the crunchy ones. You can hear a body coming with those leaves! At times I park a ways from the door to get more pleasure walking in the leaves. Some days the leaves make a sound I call a skitter. Kind of a noisy skip, skip, skid sound, you know a skitter. Other days they fly barely off the ground, as if they are keeping under the radar. Then there are the ones that fly high in the sky like a kite.

I love the dance of the leaves. I see them as amazing and it’s all because I was reminded to get ask my Angels to realign me and they did! The result was my energy and the energy of life were realigned to what feels good.

It is very simple all you need to do is to find something to do or look at or think of that makes you smile. In my case, because I see such beauty in autumn and the leaves I saw it through eyes of beauty and as my energy realigned with the positive things life immediately improved.

Conditions that challenge us are showing us that is a struggle, a fight, a barrier, and hazard! Pushing so hard against something breaks you not the issue. The issue grows larger consuming your energy so stop fighting it and ride the wave, “Go with the flow,” follow the inner feeling and your day will become better.


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