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I am not sure what got into me today, but for whatever reason I decided to go through a couple of totes I had lying around that I have not gone through in a while. Most of what I found was, of course, junk. Why in the world would I keep, for example, pay stubs from when I worked for Coca-Cola from back in 2002 and beyond?

But low and behold I did find something of interest to me. Back in 2002 I was also into buying Series EE savings bonds. I still buy them, even though the interest on them is not great. It is a small portion of my total investment strategy. But I must have stuck a few of these old paper bonds in an envelope and for whatever reason, into this tote.

What I found was $400 worth of old Series EE savings bonds I bought back in 2002. I spent, of course, $200 to buy them. And considering the average Series EE matures in 12 years, and it's been 13 years, they should be worth every penny their face says they are and maybe even then some.

I will trek to the bank sometime next week to try and cash them in and see what they are worth. Of course, according to all of my "financial planning" efforts, every red cent will go into my high yield investments so that they may continue to provide for the here and now, and beyond.

Found money is fantastic, is it not?


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