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Appetite is the desire to eat food, sometimes due to hunger .One of the major pleasures in life is appetite . Appetite is the keenness of living it's one of the senses that tells you that you're still curious to exist. By appetite , of course I don't mean just the lust of food,but any condition of unsatisfied desire .For appetite , to me is this state of warning , which keeps one's expectations alive. I remember learning this lesson long ago as a child , when treats and orgies were few , and when i discovered that the greatest pitch of happiness wasn't in actually eating a toffee but in gazing at it beforehand.True,the first bite was delicious ,but once the toffee was gone one was left with nothing,neither toffee nor lust.Besides,the whole toffeeness of toffees was imperceptibly diminished by the gross act of having eaten it.No,the best was in wanting it ,in sitting and lookingat it,when one tasted an inexhaustible treasure-house of flavours.

  So,for me ,one of the keenest pleasures of appetite remains in the wanting,not the satisfication. I think that appetite is too good to lose,too precious to be bludgeoned into insensibility by satiation and over-doing it.Life is short and precious,and appetite is one of its guardians,and loss of appetite is asort of death.So if we are to enjoy this short life we should respect the divinity of appetite.

   It's a long time now since I knew that acute moment of bliss that comes from putting parched lips to a cup of cold water.The springs are still there to be enjoyed all one needs is the original thirst.

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