Apple is the king of fruits.

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 The world “apple” is derived from the latin wordpomum”, the meaning of pomum is fruit in general. Around the globe an apple is the most popular and common fruit, most of us take it for granted. It comes in different sizes and colours green,red and gold, having fine and sweet fragrance. An apple is juicy and tasty its taste also varies from sour to sweet and sweetest.

Like other fruits apple also grows on trees in everywhere except the areas of extremely cold and extremely hot temperature. It is available in every season of the year. An apple is very into fashion. Its every color indicates its specific taste. The apples which are green in color are sour, the apples in gold or yellow are mildly sweet, the apples having red color are delicious.

There has been so wisely said “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. An apple is healthful and nutritious fruit that keeps away the doctor. It contains so many wonderful vitamins and minerals which helps us in digestion of food. An apple also cleans our teeth and it keeps our heart and body healthy. It is the best energy source.


Apples have so many uses and benefits. They are used to make jams, juices,pies,sauces and apple cakes. Its juice is very tasty it gives us energy and strength without increasing the fats in the body. Apples also maintain the blood sugar steady and hence it is recommended by health nutritionist and doctors to use apple in the diet regularly.

"Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits",said by Henry David Thoreau. No doubt an apple is the noblest of all fruits due to its so many benefits world’s leading computer company has chosen the name “Apple”, it uses half eaten apple as logo. This fruit is so special, cheap and easily available and absolutely the “King” of all fruits.

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