Apricots For Eyesight & Allergies? Yes Please!

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Forget carrots for your eye sight,

Try Apricots Instead !!

If you suffer from any kind of allergies involving your eyes, you will do almost anything to relieve that pain & suffering!!

There is an all natural way to help ease that!! Adding this sweet little fruit to your daily diet, can help decease irritation as well as infection in your eyes!! It doesn't matter what form you choose, fresh, baked, dried. They are good for you in any form!

Apricots, will add beauty & sparkle to your eyes! They will help increase the natural lubricants in your eyes. This will make it a bit easier to deal with the dry itchy eyes! Apricots are full of Beta Carotene wich help reppair the signs & effects of aging. To get the most out of these sweet little beauties, do not peel. Be sure to wash very well before eating!!!

Apricots have been known to be recommended for problems such as:

Conjunctival dryness,

Chronic Itching Or Irritation

Loss Of Visual Actuity

Even Night Blindness!

Making Apricots a part of your daily routine, can be the difference in maintaining your visual health, or not!! There are so many vitamins in Apricots, they will work together to keep your eyes healthy!! At the very least it can't hurt your chances of maintaining visual health in your wiser years!!!

***Beware, if apricots are not properly ripened, they can be a bit tough to digest, which may cause bloating or cramping!!***

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