April 2015 NYAC Judo Club Newsletter

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 Competition News 

Results of the Pan American Open in Chile 

Bradford Bolen – -66 kg, 5th 

Hannah Martin – -63 kg, 5th 


Results of the Jimmy Pedro's Judo Challenge 

Aaron Kunihiro, – -66kg, 1st 

Hana Carmichael, – -63kg, 1st 


Results of the Pan American Open Montevideo, Uruguay 

Bradford Bolen – -66kg, 5th 

Everet Desilets – -73kg, 7th 


Results of the Grand Prix Tbilisi, Georgia 

Kayla Harrison – -78kg, 1st 

Four fights, 4 ippons! 


Results of the Pan American Open Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Everet Desilets – -73kg, 3rd 

Thomas Capra – -90kg, 5th 

Miles Porter – -100kg, 7th 

Janine Nakao – -63kg, 5th 


Results of the New York Open Team Tournament 

French Men 1st 

German Men 2nd 

USA Men 3rd 

Polish Men 4th 

USA Women 1st 

Cuban Women 2nd 

French Women 3rd 


Outstanding Female Player – Kayla Harrison, USA 

Outstanding Male Player – Vincent Massiminio, France 

Jita Kyoei Award – Kevin Earls, NYAC Judo Club Chairman 

Best Karaoke (and dancing) – Team Cuba


The 2015 New York Open Team Tournament 

Kayla Harrison throws France’s Lucie Perrot with a big uchi mata. Photos by Andy Blumenthal 




Results of the Ocean State International Judo tournament 2015 

Patryk Obiedzinski – -78kg, 1st 


The Saturday Morning Judo program ended for the season with a lunch to recognize the dedicated young Judo players and to thank the coaches for another successful year. Head coach Sensei Aziz Bendriss, along with his assistants Said Dib, Francesco Rulli, Barry Friedberg, Jim Gorman, Alessandro Hamada and Michael Garborino all contributed to the great experience and growth (in both skill and character) the young players had during the year. – Andy Blumenthal 







Upcoming Tournaments and Special Events 

Pan American Championships Edmonton, Canada 

Date: April 24 - 26 


Grand Prix Zagreb, Croatia 

Date: May 1 - 3 


Senior National Championships Irving, Texas 

Date: May 2 - 3 

Grand Slam Baku, Azerbaijan 

Date: May 8 - 10 


2015 Garden State Judo Classic 

Date: Sunday May 17, 2015 

Location: Boys & Girls Club of NW NJ, 153 Garside Avenue, Wayne, NJ 07470 

Contact: Ramon Hernandez, Phone 201-206-2705, ramon@northjerseyjudo.com.


Am-Can Judo Challenge, Niagara, New York 

Date: May 23 - 24 



Lynn Goldberg, Editor. 


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